Frequently Asked Questions

What does Second Sight Radiology do?
SecondSight Radiology provides practicing chiropractors with medical imaging archiving and highly sub-specialized chiropractic over-read interpretations.
Who can send images for interpretation?

Only practicing chiropractors and other qualified healthcare providers may use our services. You must become a registered member and login in order to upload images and receive reports. Please note that at this time, we are unable to receive requests directly from patients.

How do I upload my images to SecondSight Radiology?
Dicom images are uploaded to our servers using a medical records uploader. After logging into your member page, you can submit a new case consultation form with patient information and history, then upload images using the uploader. Payment is made by credit card at the time of submission.
How do I receive an over-read report?
Reports for cases you have submitted for interpretation will be available on your login page where they can be viewed, printed or archived for later review.
What is the ‘Dashboard’?
The dashboard is your “go to” home page button. It serves as a refresh tab and controls your profile and logout functions.
How do I make a payment?
Payment is made at the time of image uploading via credit card.
Is this Second Sight Radiology a secure site?
Yes, all information is encrypted using a FDA approved and HIPAA compliant process. No credit card information is stored on our site.
I am a chiropractor. What do I need to do to become a member?
You can register from the home page registration tab. After successful registration, you will be sent a confirmation email with your temporary password. Your password can be changed using “edit profile” under Dashboard.
I am unable to login/upload images/access my reports
Please contact us and describe the nature of your problem. We appreciate notification of any technical difficulties you may have, so that we can provide the best service possible.
How long will I be able to view my reports?
You will be able to view your reports as long as you remain a member.
How long do you keep patient images?
All successfully uploaded images are archived for 3 years and available online for review at any time.
Do you take checks/cash?
We are unable to take payment by check or cash at this time. Please complete the secure online payment form when registering.
My email address/ personal information have changed. How do I edit my account?
Please log into your account and click on edit profile under Dashboard in order to edit your personal information. Please be sure to save your changes.
I submitted a request. How do I know it worked?
If your request was submitted successfully, an email confirmation number and a summary of your request will be sent to the email address linked to your membership account.
How do I find “MY SUMMARY” page?
The Dashboard is the “MY SUMMARY” page. Select Dashboard from the tab menu once logged in.

Still have questions?

Your questions and feedback are very important to us. Provide your name, email address and your question and we will respond by the end of the next business day.